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We Clean, Seal, and Polish All Hard Surfaces





  • We use a proprietary deep cleaning process with just the right combo of heavy-duty cleaners and pure certified know-how.





  • Cleaning and polishing concrete is a discipline all to itself. If you want it done right, call Blue Moon.





  • Blue Moon offers wood floor re-surfacing, re-staining, scratch removal, and other related wood floor restoration.


Thinking of doing it yourself?

Sure, you could try cleaning & restoring stone on your own - head to your local grocery or hardware store, grab some scrub brushes, cleaning solution, gloves, masks, rags, a bucket, and give it your best shot. But you could be making matters worse with the wrong product causing the wrong chemical reaction, and perhaps pushing the problem deeper in the stone's pours. Plus, all the brute strength and elbow grease you have will only go so deep. You want deep cleaning results only made possible by the years of training, certification, equipment, and raw unadulterated experience of Blue Moon Stone Care.


Unmatched Expertise In Granite Deep Cleaning & Sealing

Successful deep cleaning of stone and tile involve more than what you might have bargained for. Dirt, grime, oil, and other impurities collect deep in the pores of your stone, tile, and grout. When this happens, no amount of mopping, wiping, or elbow grease will help. You need the experience, specialized materials, and equipment of Blue Moon,

Superior Results in Deep Cleaning & Sealing Marble

Protecting Your Investment

You've made the investment in stone or tile, now let Blue Moon deep clean it and seal it for the lasting protection it deserves. Routine deep cleaning and re-sealing of concrete, stone, tile, and grout is highly recommended and is critical to its longevity, beauty, and luster. Our proprietary deep cleaning techniques can include steam extraction, finish stripping, or, on occasion, scrubbing on hands and knees with specialized brushes to remove years of rust, corrosion, grime, oils, finish, and other impurities.  We top it all off with the most surface-appropriate sealer to provide long lasting protection. Our technicians are fully trained in the most current techniques and best practices for stone restorers.

Proven Results

When it comes to cleaning stone, tile, and grout, we know what works and what doesn't. We try out new products and techniques at our shop, not at your place of business or residence. We take deep cleaning one step at a time for results that are very noticeable. 


Terrazzo Floors Made Like New Again

Blue Moon utilizes state-of-art equipment and chemistry to ensure we deliver the very best outcome. As can be seen in the photo shown here, we are utilizing our proprietary walk-behind steam hydramaster system to remove years of grime and buildup virtually restoring this terrazzo floor to new.  

Benefits of Proper Sealing

Pro-Longed Beauty

Keep it looking beautiful longer with proper cleaning & sealing. 


Keep it stain-free by sealing stone with high quality sealers. 

Easier Maintenance

With proper sealing, routine cleaning is a cinch with a good quality ph neutral cleaner. 


Welcome To Clean

Blue Moon is equipped with the very latest tools and technology for deep cleaning and sealing all types of natural stone, tile, and grout. 

Saltillo Tile Deep Cleaning & Sealing

Watch Blue Moon use the Hydroforce SX-7 to deep clean Saltillo tiles. 



Impregnator Vs. Topical Sealer

  • 3 types of sealers 

  3. COMBO

  • Our company utilizes high quality impregnator sealers for almost all of our sealing projects. This type of sealer penetrates deep beneath the surface of the stone or tile to provide long lasting subsurface protection. Topical sealers general provide surface protection only, typically include some type of finish (matte, gloss, etc), and can be ok for interior applications but are not recommended for exterior environments without some form of UV protection and more frequent maintenance and upke

Learn More About Sealers

You can learn more about the various types of sealers and their applications by clicking below. 

Outdoor Slate Made Gorgeous All over Again

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