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1. Can Blue Moon come out to my property to give a free estimate?

Yes! Generally speaking we provide free estimates. But there are some circumstances when we might charge a nominal consulting fee. Contact us to discuss your project, and we'll let you know up front.  

2. Wine, soda, and juice were spilled on our marble floor, and there are dull spots. What gives?

Many wines, juices, and sodas are acidic in nature and can cause marble (calcium carbonate) to etch, meaning lose its glossy polish. Sealer can prevent staining but cannot stop etching. If the floor lacks a good sealer, there could also be staining involved. The only way to correct this problem is by having the floor professionally restored using our honing, deep cleaning, polishing, and re-sealing process. 

3. There are scratches in our limestone. Can these be buffed out?

Limestone is a softer stone and takes on scratches very easily. That's the bad news. The good news is that, because of its softer status, limestone scratches can usually be honed out using our specialized equipment and diamond abrasive disks or pads. 

4. Are rugs recommended on stone or tile floors?

Our industry recommends "walk-off rugs". These are purposed rugs placed in strategic locations (at the entrances) that catch and hold dirt, grit, grime, and other foreign items pedestrians track or transfer into buildings on the bottoms of their shoes. Here's a couple recommendations: (a) always use a rug-holder underneath your rug for safety and to help prevent coarse threads from scratching the floor, and, (b) Stay away from rugs backed with rubber or latex as they tend to imprint into stone.

5. When honing or polishing stone or concrete, will it create a mess?

Yes, things will get messy because of the wet "slurry" created by cutting the stone or concrete. That's why Blue Moon takes tremendous pre-honing steps to mask, cover, or, otherwise, protect nearby walls, floors, furniture, appliances, equipment, and other surfaces. 

6. How long will a sealer protect my stone or concrete surfaces?

Applying sealer, particularly an impregnating or penetrating sealer, is an absolute necessity. A good quality sealer can provide a lifetime of stain protection until it is impacted by something, usually an acid, that dissolves the sealer or renders it useless.  While sealants provide protection from staining, they cannot combat the effect of etching. Once etching occurs, the stone will require restorative work. 

7. What is the difference between Quartz and Quartzite?

Quartzite is a natural stone. Quartz, on the other hand, is a manufactured product created from the resins of other stones, and is virtually non-porous.. Buyers of quartz tend to prefer solid modern looks, like white solid or brown solid. Quartz is very sensitive to heat. Don't set anything hot on quartz over 120 or 200 degrees, especially lighter colored quartz. 

8. I have marks and imperfections in my Quartz. Can Blue Moon correct?

Yes. Blue Moon utilizes a 3 or 4-step Quartz Renewal Process that is different from the honing process involved with natural stone. Blue Moon corrects lippage, scratches, hazing, heat damage, and other quartz blemishes. 

9. There are lots of circular water marks or rings on our marble bar top. Can you get rid of them?

Yes. Ideally, polished marble has a glossy, reflective finish. "Water marks" or "water rings", although seemingly insignificant, can blemish the appearance of polished marble in certain light. Blemishes on polished marble are generally etch marks. Etching is chemical reaction on surfaces caused by acidic or high alkaline substances. What can we do? If the etching is noticeable, that is, if you run your finger across the surface of the stone and the finish feels rough or uneven, then we can remove the etching using our specialized equipment and process. Attempting to remove a severe etch on your own could result in further damage to the surface of the stone

10. Something heavy was dropped on our travertine floor and caused a chip. Can you fix it?

Yes, using specialized products and techniques, Blue Moon routinely fill chips, cracks, divets, and other accidental stone damage. We've tested over a dozen different products on travertine, marble, limestone, granite, and other stones. We'll discuss with you our findings, share with you a tray of examples so you can visualize what the outcome will look like, and we'll promise to remove it and start over again if the first application's result is not as appealing to your eyes. 

11. How often should we re-seal our stone floors and countertops?

We'll answer first by saying, as long as you are using an impregnating sealer followed by removing sealer from the surface by wiping excess away or polishing it off, there is no such thing as over sealing stone. If you're using a topical sealer on stone, then care must be taken to prevent hazing or yellowing. We generally recommend re-sealing every 1 to 2 years depending upon exposure to chemicals, foods, beverages, direct sunlight, and so forth. If there is going to be high exposure to these elements then, perhaps, you should consider more frequent deep cleaning and re-sealing.  

12. What recommendations does Blue Moon have daily routine maintenance?

First, invest in walk-off rugs and place them at key entrances to your building or home. The rugs can go just inside your door, outside your door, or, what we recommend, one indoor plus one outdoor. There are some great walk-off rug options out there that catch 90% or higher of the soil, dirt, grime, and debris before it makes its way onto your hard surface floor. 

Second, If you see blemishes, dirt, grease, standing liquids, remove them as soon you can to help prevent being absorbed deeper into the stone or concrete. 

Third, when mopping, use a damp mop, preferably a nap looped mop with some type of ringing mechanism to help remove dirt from the floor. Unfortunately, mopping can only do so much because at some point after only a few dips of the mop back into the bucket and solution, you are simply transferring dirt into the solution and back onto the floor. Try changing water often, but when the floor gets too dirty, try our fourth step shown below.

Fourth, if you are not satisfied with the look of your stone floor, countertop, or wall, it may be time to call Blue Moon for a deep cleaning, re-sealing, and polishing. 

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